All the Fells: Hartsop Dodd

High Hartsop Dodd

Hartsop Dodd – The Far Eastern Fells 2,018′ (185)

Date: 3 October 1993

From: Caudale Moor

Hartsop Dodd is another of those insignificant fells with no great individual appeal, a top to be ticked off along the way in another expedition of greater moment. I visited it on the descent from Caudale Moor, following the ridge downhill in company of the wall, barely pausing at its top – this was a Sunday afternoon and if I left the Lakes too late on those visits I ran the risk of getting stuck in ten-mile tailbacks on the M6 to pass the end of the Blackpool Motorway – and continued on down the ridge back towards Hartsop village. As Wainwright had advised, the ridge grew increasingly steep as it I neared its foot, and I would definitely have wanted to avoid any ascent this way. Once it got too steep, I made my way down on the right, to join the valley path via Threshthwaite Glen that I’d used to start the walk in the late morning, and regained the car, without any sign of the fell race I’d gotten inadvertently tangled in earlier on.

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