All the Fells: High Pike (Scandale)

High Pike – The Eastern Fells 2,155′ (78)

Date: 5 May 1988/1 July 1995

From: Low Pike/Low Pike

I don’t mean to be disrespectful to the lower tops of the Fairfield Horseshoe but, at the end of the day, they’re not the point, are they? They’re never going to be objectives in their own right, unlike, say, Dove Crag and Hart Crag, which have features of interest, albeit lying ‘outside’ the Horseshoe. High Pike is the second fell on what I have always called the Morning Arm. It is reached easily from Low Pike, a higher stepping stone, but without distinction in its own right. This side of the Horseshoe is warm up for the big walk, disadvantaged permanently by being more enclosed, by the Afternoon Arm blocking out so much of the view, from a lack of spectacularness. I simply continued uphill, following the wall along the crest of the ridge. There were paths on both sides, and I remember crossing the wall at gaps on the first ascent, yet finding no such necessity on the return, a few years later, but I was still there on the way to somewhere else, somewhere better, which wasn’t the case on most extended walks.

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