All the Fells: Lingmoor Fell

Lingmoor Fell – The Southern Fells 1,530′ (173)

Date: 15 August 1993

From: Little Langdale

Some fells, through time and circumstance, place and position, turn out to be less than important. Lingmoor Fell occupies the southern side of Great Langdale, dividing it from its lesser and more secluded sister valley, Little Langdale. It’s more or less the only fell on that side of Langdale and, whilst it’s not without its merits, anything facing the Langdale Pikes is on a hiding to nothing. Nor does it aid Lingmoor Fell’s case that, as well as being the least visually appealing fell surrounding the head of Great Langdale, it is well-separated from its nearest neighbour, Pike O’Blisco, by the deep gap holding Blea Tarn, with a more prominent subsidiary point in Side Pike in between. As a family, we once climbed the latter, from the Blea Tarn road, following the ridge and carefully negotiating our way to its small top: big enough for four of us but not many more. I remember the sense of exposure all round, and a long, lazy stay under an August sun, with no intention of going any further. To ascend Lingmoor Fell itself, I had to make a separate expedition of my own, twenty years later, there and back from home on a Sunday. And a Sunday that was a special day to me, the Anniversary of my Dad’s death, meaning a visit to the Crematorium before I even set off. Lingmoor Fell was ideal for such things: long motorway journeys there and back, music from the cassette player blasting, and a single fell to collect and be done. If I were going to do this, I decided to do it from Little Langdale, partly from the rarety – novelty, almost – of a walk from a valley I normally ignored, but also because it would be a more compact walk, to gain the ridge from Little Langdale by a path across the ridge, then to follow a bit of a switchback trail to a summit biased to this end of the fell. It was a day of low clouds above Langdale, mostly not low enough to bother Lingmoor Fell, but a couple of patches on my course. The views were restricted and the chance of an alternate route of return non-existent, but though the walking wasn’t all that exciting, I recall the fell as being an excellent option for a half day when time is not an issue and higher fells all about smile down unpatronisingly.

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