All the Fells: Sail

Sail – The North Western Fells 2,530′ (194)

Date: 9 July 1994

From: Eel Crags

The Coledale Horseshoe consists of six summits, or seven if, as I always did, I added in Wandope whilst I was there. When I finally got to walk the full Horseshoe, one wonderful summer Saturday, I had already climbed six of those seven fells, as part of three different walks. I would have walked it for itself any day, but there was one summit left that I needed: one summit in that Horseshoe, one summit in The North Western Fells. This was the last of Wainwright’s seven books that I had used to go walking with a first time. And it was the first of those seven that I closed and put away as having been to every summit in its pages. It’s a shame that Sail, for all that it is over 2,500′, is so nondescript a fell, with a small footprint, overshadowed by Eel Crag both in terms of height and features. There was an uphill walk of less than a hundred feet on grass, a path that crossed the featureless top, avoiding the cairn, which can be seen much more easily from above than from the path past it, three or four stones, almost overgrown. But it held a significance far beyond its own appeal. I had finished one whole book, for the first time, just by stepping aside from the path and being there.

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