All the Fells: Sallows

Sallows – The Far Eastern Fells 1,691′ (29)

Date: 8 September 1985/17 August 1996

From: Garburn Pass/Garburn Pass

I always have great difficulty when it comes to Sallows. It is one of two summits immediately south of Garburn Pass, lying between Troutbeck and Kentmere: anonymous, broad, shapeless fells whose omission from The Far Eastern Fells would not have been criticised by anyone, but Wainwright chose to include them anyway, in the volume with the greatest number of fells anyway. Sallows and Sour Howes, the ‘Maiden Aunts’ of the Lake District, practically indistinguishable, and that’s where I have my difficulty: I always have to look them up in Wainwright to remember which of them is which! Of course you walk them together: who would take the time to make separate visits? And it is only sense to access them from Garburn Pass, when the lands diminishing south are featureless and largely pathless and uncertain of legal access in the days before the enshrined ‘Right to Roam’. The first time, I parked low in Troutbeck and found the steep, rising lane out of the valley to join the long approach to Garburn from the south along the Dubbs Road. The second time, the impulse day where I combined a return visit with an ascent of Binsey in The Northern Fells, I came in along the Dubbs Road, a long, slow, level walk from the fell road that provided a short-cut to Troutbeck, and spectacular views along its route. Either way, the fells were ascended from the Pass summit. Twin paths, one either side of the wall, leave towards the south. That to the left leads to Sallows, but to go further you have to come back all the way.

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