All the Fells: Scar Crags

Scar Crags

Scar Crags – The North Western Fells 2,205′ (21)

Date: 9 October 1984/1 July 1995

From: Causey Pike/Causey Pike

I have very little to say about Scar Crags, because there’s very little to say about it. It’s the base of the ridge of which Causey Pike is the shapely and interesting termination. It’s higher and broader and that’s about all there is to tell. It’s a sprawling whaleback with neither features nor shelter on its summit, not even anything to sit on except the ground. The first time, I didn’t even have it in my plans, being intent on Causey only, but I was up there with time and to spare, and it was a shame not to press on. I didn’t stay on the summit, I barely broke stride, some of which had to do with the sky getting greyer, rain becoming a possibility – and an eventuality lower down – and having no wish to be caught in so exposed a place. The second time it was the same again, except that it was a sunny day and entirely clement from start to finish. I loved those summer Saturdays, escaping into the hills. I don’t recall the path starting to deteriorate that badly, but Scar Crags is still part of one version of the Coledale Horseshoe, and years after I was horrified to see a winding causeway in a photo of the Sail Pass side of the ridge, an alien and artificial construct the sight of which I loathed.

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