All the Fells: Scoat Fell

Scoat Fell ā€“ The Western Fells 2,760′ (132)

Date: 2 May 1991

From: Pillar

Technically, I climbed Scoat Fell twice, in the same day, but as the ‘second’ time was coming back from Steeple I don’t count that. Scoat Fell, like its immediate neighbour, Red Pike, which was my next top in my Mosedale Horseshoe, was one of those fells that I feel I didn’t really do justice to as a mountain. I just followed the ridge on and down from Pillar, which was an enjoyable rough traverse in itself, but that meant that all Scoat Fell was to me was its flat top, the highest point of which was underneath the solid drystone wall, crossing the summit along the watershed. I’d have seen more of the fell if I had made it a direct target, using Nether Beck as the line of approach, as I did for Haycock, turning right instead of left at the ridge: maybe if my post-Wainwright career had been longer, I would have done that. It didn’t help that I was much more concerned with getting to Steeple. Twenty-five minutes later, I was back: the ascent back from Steeple is higher and takes longer, and I was toying with a headache briefly, which is far too little a gap to consider that as a second visit. It’s becoming clearer, as I work through all these recollections that I may have climbed 214 tops, but I didn’t climb 214 fells.

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