New Girl Genius Kickstarter – Pledge Now

New Girl Genius Kickstarter – Pledge Now

City of LightningIt’s that time of year again, when Professor and Professora Foglio take to Kickstarter to fund the next volume (no 15) of Girl Genius.

This is the second volume of Act 2 of this epic and highly funny story, The City of Lightning. Seeking to free her city of Mechanicsburg from the time-stasis it has been trapped in for nearly three years, Agatha Heterodyne and her band of trusted colleagues arrive in Paris, seeking permission to examine its extensive and rare underground libraries. Meanwhile, Gilgamesh Wulfenbach, Baron of the by-now crumbling Wulfenbach Empire, is still, slowly, painfully, extracting individual figures from the city, but still unable to get close enough to his father, Klaus, who has created the time-field as a means of keeping himself free from the influence of The Other…

This is the link, go and treat yourself. There’s twenty days left and the funding goal is already $12,000 behind and counting, but get in ahead of time.

I Backed

Latest Rick Geary Kickstarter – Murder at the Hollywood Hotel

This Blog always promotes Rick Geary Kickstarters (and it always pledges, too). Rick’s latest project is Murder at the Hollywood Hotel, details of which can be found at the other end of this link. The Kickstarter requires $5,000.00 to be fully funded and already has $1,290 – better than 25% of the goal – in the first day.

This is Geary’s fourth Kickstarter project, and all the first three have been successful, and great books as well.

Do yourself a favour, have a look and get in on the ground floor. UK Residents should add $10.00 to their pledge for the book itself, to cover the additional costs of postage.

Have fun!

New Rick Geary Kickstarter – The True Death of Billy the Kid

Billy the Kid

People, it’s time for another plug for one of my favourite graphic artists, the inimitable and unique Rick Geary, whose latest project is another Treasury of Murder hardback, this time pertaining to the death of the legendary outlaw, Billy the Kid.

For as little as $30 (including postage and packing for supporters outside the United States) you can support Geary’s new book AND guarantee yourself a pristine new signed copy, delivered to your door, complete with a unique bookplate and a personalised thank you postcard. If you want to pledge more, the rewards are higher: five pledgees with $500 to spare will have their likenesses appear as characters in the book!

The link to the project is here, and the target is $5,000 by 11 August.I’m already amongst the 10 backers who have pledged $285 at the minute I’m typing this.

You know Geary’s good – or if you don’t, this is the time to find out – and that this story will give you actual details and real history about the kid, his life and death. Cut through the myth, cut through the fantasy, read what actually happened.

This is Geary’s third Kickstarter, the third I’ve plugged here, and as the art has already been completed (except for you five lucky – and cash-rich) people, the funds will be going directly to printing, bindimg and delivery charges. Trust me, this is going to happen, and it WILL be good.

Rick Geary – new Kickstarter

I don’t know if any of you followed my urging to support Rick Geary’s previous Kickstarter project, The Elwell Enigma. Those of you who did will be shortly getting your book, as will I (and I shall be reviewing it on receipt).

With that project safely delivered, Geary has moved on to his next book, a 56pp full colour hardback entitled A is for Antichrist: Obama’s Conspiracy Alphabet, the cover of which you can see above.

It’s a book illustrating some of the outrageous and unrealistic accusations levelled at Barack Obama by his enemies, so I don’t expect any members of the Republican Party to be buying this, but then given some of the truly ridiculous suggestions being bandied forth, someone of Geary’s experience and perspective is going to be having a field day with this.

Unlike The Elwell Enigma, we’re assured that the art and the book is complete, with the Kickstarter funds going only to fund pribting and delivery costs. The Kickstarter’s target is $10,000 by Thursday 17 October, and it’s already reached just under 25% (I’m in, of course). So click on the following,, for more details and to pledge at whatever level is comfortable with you, and this time there won’t be the same delay waiting for your book.

This has been a Shameless Plug, and it’ll be well worth it.

The Ellwell Enigma – update

I don’t know if any of you did pledge to the Kickstarter for Rick Geary’s forthcoming self-published book, but a total of 245 backers, myself included, definitely did so. The project passed its target within the first 72 hours and has gone on to be oversubscribed by nearly three times. Here’s the link to the final figures:

I hope some of you did, because you’ll enjoy the book, which is due to be published in August, and you’ll have earned yourself one or more exclusive extras for your willingness to put your money into this. I will be receiving the exclusive bookmark, plus a personalised, tipped-in bookplate.

If you haven’t chipped in, it’s now too late to do more than buy the book when it becomes available. I’ll be flagging it up at that time, so you’ve no excuse.