I call that a bargain

About a decade ago, eBay was brilliant for getting rid of stuff you no longer wanted/needed, for finding things you wanted but someone else didn’t, at prices you could decide that you could afford.

Of course, because it was so good, especially for all us little people who just wanted to deal with each other, they destroyed it by turning it into a commercial selling machine for commercial sellers, and running it for the big at the expense of the little. You can find what you want still, but you’re only ever going to pay shop prices for it.

Not this month, however. Twice in this month, I’ve picked up expensive, high quality items that have been on my Wish List for years, but which have always been too expensive to justify, given my limited income.

Both these items were three volume hardback slip-cased editions and both were auctions. First, there was the original edition of Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie’s Lost Girls, which you usually can’t find for less than £45, even used, which I won for just under £16 – and it was still shrink-wrapped!

And today, after an impatient week’s watching, I’ve won The Complete Calvin & Hobbes, for a mere £34, an absolutely brilliant figure given that the minimum price you see on it for Buy It Nows or Amazon is £67 – especially pleasing as I was prepared to go up to £47, and prepared to be outbid even at that.

So that works out as £112 of books for only £50! If I get an equally good bonus this month, does anyone know where I can get some seriously rare R A Laffertys at similar rates?