Spam 2: What could I do with all these diamonds?

I’m still getting bombarded with offers to lead me to sites that will cure my addictions, though I honestly still don’t think that Caffeine-Free Diet Coke is either that dangerous or illegal (some of you will say that it should be but hey, I’ve got to have some perversion or life isn’t worth living).

But now I’m getting swamped with Diamonds. Not literally, just endless spam offering me the chance to visit the best sites for diamonds you could ever imagine, always providing you can imagine Canadian diamonds.

Now, being dirt poor, the diamond market has never been significant to me, so I am not my usual fount of wisdom here, but I don’t recall ever hearing that Canada has a significant reputation for diamonds. All of a sudden, it seems to be rolling in them and everyone wants to share them with me.

To be fair, not all this jewelled spsam is explicitly Canadian. Some of it offers me the best Spencer diamonds, which mystifies me even more. I intuitively associate Spencer with Canada now, which is going to be a potential issue next time I get to speak to my cousin who’s been living over there since 1982 (if you’re reading, hi John!). It’s the way they offers arrive in waves of one or the other.

Oh, and I’m still getting the ones about monster trucks. Anyone who wants one and doesn’t know where to find them, I can probably sort you out.

Spam: do they mean me?

Like all bloggers, I get a regular amount of Spam comments, which get regularly filtered out. What type of spam it is comes in waves; payday loans is a perennial favourite, along with some naked advertising and the kind of oh-gosh-wow comment about how brilliant some post or other is, and how the commenter’s going to link, or tell his brother because bro is really into this topic, and which never has any reference to the actual topic that might, you know, suggest it came from a real human being who’s actually read this stuff.

But just lately, I seem to have been specially targetted by a couple of new spam subjects. One seems to think I’m in desperate need of knowing where to get the best monster trucks in America, which is, like, seriously bad profiling dudes, but the one that’s got me worried, or should I say several that have got me worried are the dozen or so I’ve been daily getting abut the best way of escaping drug addiction.

Now you may think I’m in denial here, but I’m not addicted to anything, except possibly Diet Coke (Caffeine-Free for preference), and maybe Pizzas, and I swear that I have never touched a single drug in my life that has not been handed over the counter in exchange for a octor’s prescription. But the persistance with which these souls are trying to get through to me is starting to get worrying.

Do they know something I don’t?