Discounted Books – Not


This is a warning and an apology to anyone who tried to follow my recent post about a 15% discount of my latest novel, The Revenge of the Purple Puffin: many thanks to Alex who has alerted me that it doesn’t work (but who has bought the book anyway, cheers mate).

In case it was something I’d done differently on Puffin, I tried to apply it to one of the others, only to get the same response.

That seems to suggest that my books are neither Standard nor Premium, which I will check out as soon as I am able.

In the meantime, ignore my first post, though anyone who makes like Alex and buys it anyway will be my friend forever.

Discounted Books

Yes, it’s Shameless Plug again.

From now until the end of Monday 21 July, are offering 15% off the purchase price of my latest novel, The Revenge of the Purple Puffin (as purchasable via the following link – ). All you have to do is use the following Code at checkout – DOGDAYS14 – to claim your discount.

Indeed, you don’t have to restrict your buying to The Revenge of the Purple Puffin as it applies to everything I have written that’s available from Lulu.

Go mad, take the chance to grab a bargain, there are two trilogies out there that you can purchase whilst the cost is even righter than usual.

You know how happy it would make me…

The Revenge of the Purple Puffin – new publication

Purple PuffinThose of you with long memories may recall that, during November 2011, I took part for the first time in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). My book was entitled The Return of the Purple Puffin and my daily drafts were published on this blog, and are still available in the Archives, under Novels.

Well, it’s taken a long time, including a pretty expansive re-write and a slight change in title, but I am proud to announce that The Revenge of the Purple Puffin has finally been published through, and that details can be had – and purchases made, hint, hint – on the following link:

I usually include an extract at this point, so you can see what the book’s like, but instead let’s share another link, to Day 1. Don’t think you can just go back and read those blogs, that was the First Draft and things have moved on since then, however slowly.

The Revenge of the Purple Puffin is my seventh published novel, all of which can be bought through The preceding six can all be bought for the Kindle as well, and I’ll be preparing a Kindle version of Puffin shortly, and will announce its availability as soon as that’s done. With links.